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Welcome to Tallahassee ASL & Deaf Club! This   club   is   open   to   all   who   are   deaf,   hard-of-hearing   (HH),   child(ren)   of   deaf   adult (CODA),   hearing,   ASL   students   (high   school,   college,   university   and/or   adult),   parents of   deaf   child(ren),   teachers   (ASL   and/or   Deaf   programs),   ASL   interpreters,   or   any community   member   looking   for   an   opportunity   to   connect   with   others   to   communicate in signing. This    club    would    serve    as    a    host/sponsor    for    socializing,    developing    community support/service,   special   events,   and   more.      We   offer   a   casual   and   fun   environment, opportunties   to   get   together   for   conversation,   laughs   and   fellowship,   make   new   friends, socialize,   relax   and   enjoy   each   other’s   company,   as   well   as   having   the   privilege   of helping others strengthen their ASL skills.
Deaf Awareness Day Hosted by FAD Saturday, July 22nd from 9:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m. at Aquatica Seaworld’s Waterpark in Orlando, Florida Please click here for info. Click here for park map.
Join Our Email List Please    sign    up    our    email    list.        We don’t    solicited    your    info    to    anyone else.      This   is   purpose   to   “blast”   email or   text   to   our   group   about   our   activity, event, reminder, etc.. Please click here to sign up!
ASL Silent Night Dinner When:   Every 2nd Friday Night Time:    6:00 pm until whenever Where:  Governor’s Square Mall     Food Court Click here for more information. Notice:  we are changing the time from 7 pm to 6:00 pm so we have more time to chat with friends and strangers.
ASL & DEAF SILENT SOCIAL NIGHT TBA Click here for more information.
ASL - Deaf Bowling Night TBA